Another one for the birds!

Bruce and I are renewing an interest in birding. We’ve been on a few expeditions lately, both on our own and with a group. Yesterday we spent a lot of time at Santee National Wildlife Preserve, hiking through the woods, listening and watching for birds. It was pure joy for me to hear all the chattering – even being able to tell he difference in bird calls. My CI has made such a difference in all that I do, but sometimes it’s the simple and subtle sounds that add so much richness.

We finally spotted the beautifully colorful Painted Bunting – after traipsing all over the trails, he was at the feeder at the Visiter’s Center eating Millet Seed. Ah well, the hike was amazing.



About cihearu - Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

Birding, novice photographer, cooking, traveling, gardening, seeker of vintage "stuff"... I love it all! Cochlear Implant recipient since 2010
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