May 18th…

Well, today is the one-year anniversary of Mom’s passing into Heaven. So much has happened, such an eventful year – one filled with so much emotion. Losing our parents is a life passage, and such a hard one to bear. Just when you think the worst is passed, something reminds you.

But, life is for the living, and Bruce and I are having so much fun at this stage of our lives! We enjoy so many new adventures – always looking forward to the next one.

We have worked hard on the house & yard to make our nest shine with the things we enjoy. We spend time with friends & family (well, not nearly enough time!) Bruce is one of those very articulate, smart, and empathetic guys who can talk to anyone on any level about anything! It’s always interesting to be in on the conversations – especially now that I have my CI! What a difference that makes! AND – my CI with ClearVoice really rocks my world. July will mark 2 years since my CI surgery, hard to believe it’s been that. It was really a decision that changed my life in so many ways – as well as the lives of those near & dear to me.

Our summer plans are fast approaching, let the good times roll!



About cihearu - Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

Birding, novice photographer, cooking, traveling, gardening, seeker of vintage "stuff"... I love it all! Cochlear Implant recipient since 2010
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