Spring is in the air — and it’s almost summer already

Well, part time blogger seems to fit – for now, anyway! I don’t have the time or inclination to be as frequent as some of my HJ & FB friends… maybe I’m not as interesting as they are! I do bore myself sometimes, so, I guess that’s it. Seems too narcissistic to write about myself very often, and since this is mainly a journal for myself, this seems to work for me. Part time is very flexible!

A lot has happened since last fall, I’ll do a quick recap. As far as Mom’s house and all her many treasures – I continued to go through her things until I was confident that I had looked at everthing – and then I arranged for an estate sale. The sale was just before Christmas, and was somewhat draining, emotionally. All her stuff was just laid out on big tables, very professional but very impersonal. All that did not sell was either taken to a consignment place or Goodwill… after I and the rest of the family had already taken a lot of stuff. The house was emptied, repainted, repairs made and put up for sale. Amazingly, it sold after just 3 weeks on the market to a very nice lady who, I hope, will love living there. Done! It is now a year since her stroke, and the 1 year anniversary of her passing is coming up soon. She will have Mother’s Day in Heaven with her own Mom, and so many other loved ones. I miss her everyday, but I think the grief is softer and not as sharply stabbing my heart. Time heals, so they say. Guess that’s right, as it should be.

My vertigo issues seem to have ended – knock wood! My last episode was in August, and it was a mild one. I had 4 appointments for Vestibular Rehab, and found it very helpful. I don’t think my balance is quite where it used to be or, where I would like it to be – but it is much improved, and for that I am very happy and very grateful.

We have also done a lot of traveling over the winter –  fun and interesting time in California, partly for business, partly for fun. It was a great chance to see and do a lot from LA to San Francisco. We drove the whole length of HWY 1 from the Bay Area to LA, spent almost a week in SF and saw almost all that I had wanted to see, hung out in LA and did a lot of touristy stuff — a food tour! All really fun and interesting. Between the 2 of us and 2 cameras, we took about 2,000 pictures! So, that was a chore to get them weeded out and organized. Still fine tuning and posting on FB.

And, oh yeah – pictures! Mom & Dad had over 30 Kodak Carousel slide boxes (after Mom had already weeded them out a couple years ago) I set up with the projector in the guest room and got it down to 11 slide boxes, and a few less boxes of photos covering decades of family, friends, camping trips, holidays, and a life well lived. I still will try to transfer videos to disc, slides to disc, and scan photos… an ongoing project .

We have been busy as we always aare with Spring cleanup and yard stuff — getting ready for the summer months is always a chore in the yard. We always try to simplify, but then just get more plants to care for… oh well, the yard does look great! Bruce’s Spring allergies were compounded with a really bad kidney stone attack… just awful, but thankfully short lived. So far, so good. He passed a few small ones, and seems over it.

As of a few weeks ago, I now have Clear Voice software for my CI .. amazing technology that was long anticipated by me and every one else at AB. Finally got the go with FDA approval, and it’s so much fun to see my HJ buddies getting it hooked up and loving it. A truely remarkable technology that suppresses backround noise and making speech more clear. I’m a big fan, and really notice the difference in the car, at a noisy restaurant, or other noisy situations. Our local CI center annual picnic was just after I got CV, so – that was another situation where it seemed to help. My appointment was just before a HJ and FB friend  got her CV- so, we met in person for the first time, and then went to lunch. So nice meeting her, and comparing notes on our AB CI’s, and the new CV. Bionic sisters!

Our Plans over the next few months include going to Providence RI for the 2012 HLAA conference. It was so much fun last year in DC, and I just loved meeting up with my HJ buddies. This year, many of the same folks will be there, plus new friends to meet. I’m excited. We also plan to go west in August to meet my brother and sister in law. Flying into Vegas, then 2 weeks taking them to our favorite places – Bryce and Zion National Parks, The Grand Canyon’s North rim, and enjoying the desert Southwest. Since we lived in Vegas for 4 years, we love these places – P & N have never been, so it will be really fun to share the excitement with them. There is nothing like that first view of the Grand Canyon … just takes your breath away.

People continue to ask me how I’m enjoying my retirement… I never even think about my 2 careers anymore, we just enjoy the freedom of being able to be spontaneous. And I am so grateful to be living this life we are now enjoying. I count my blessings everyday. We are very aware of the time passing so quickly, and how things happen unexpectedly that change your life in a moment. We try to keep a positive perspective and be open to what life brings us.

 When will the next post be? Ahhh— who knows when the mood will strike. Guess I’d rather live it than write about it very often. 


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Birding, novice photographer, cooking, traveling, gardening, seeker of vintage "stuff"... I love it all! Cochlear Implant recipient since 2010
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