Happy Halla-ween!

Well, guess I’m just a part-time blogger… maybe I’m on the once a month (or so…) plan for updating. This has been such a crazy time, not at all how I envisioned retired life would be.

We did get to Glacier National Park, and up to Alberta Canada where we had an amazing time. Waterton, Banff, and Jasper National Parks in Canada were gorgeous beyond description. We saw and did so much in our 2 weeks, and took a ridiculous number of pictures with our new Canon and the old Sony cameras… more than 2,000! Jeez! We are still sorting, deleting, organizing, etc. We planned and anticipated this trip for so long, it turned out to  be every bit and more than we thought it would be. Interestingly, we met up with a very nice couple from MN whose daughter wears an AB CI. It was fun comparing notes on that.

On that subject, I now have a new audie, Abby has moved on to a new position. My last appointment was for the usual testing and re-mapping. I think it went well, although it seems like I have been in a rut (or, perhaps plateau) hearing wise. I need to break out the direct connect and see how I do with that. I have had absences from HJ when I have been away or just too busy. Then I try like crazy to get caught up!

And about that “away”… we just returned from an unplanned trip to CO and SD. We flew into Denver, and spent a few days with Bruce’s brother and family there. We drove our rental car up to Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park. Since we hadn’t been there in years, it was especially pretty to see it now with fall colors. We have never seen so many elk! Amazing! And — I heard them calling to each other. We (B & I, and Brian & Nancy) drove from Greeley to Rapid City, SD where we went through his sister’s apartment. Sorting what to save, donate, clean, and empty the apartment. His sister will be in re-hab, and then some kind of assistive place. The stroke left her partially incapacitated. While in Rapid City, we had dinner with some cousins and an Aunt… it’s always nice to catch up! We also made time to go to our favorite spots there, including Custer State Park. The buffalo are putting on their winter coats, and we saw so many there. We always love to go there, so, it was a great time. The drive through Wyoming is so interesting to us… wide open plains, and so many antelope sightings! We stayed a couple extra days there just to do some fun things. We drove up to Devils Tower before heading back to CO. Since we hadn’t been there in about 25 years, it was just gorgeous. Back to Greeley, we got caught in a snowstorm. That heavy, wet, tree snapping king of snow that comes early in the season while leaves are still on the trees.

We’ve had some home-improvements completed – installed paving stones on the screened in porch to match the outside patio. We just love it! We also had built-in shelves installed in the dining room as a display area for the vintage china and glass (mostly Mom’s)

So, after all our adventures, we plan to be home for a while. I am just about ready to get the estate sale in motion, then have whatever painting and repair work done at Mom’s place. We’ll get it on the market to sell… and that will be the end of it. *sigh* . We are just about done with all the stuff there… we’ve made many swaps of her stuff for ours, so now the sale will be a combination of 2 households. I do love having her things her in my home. Her lovely, tidy, and familiar home is not remotely the same anymore… but it’s still hard to move on. Will missing my Mom ever get easier?

This will be a busy couple of weeks – Bruce has jury duty, I have an appointment for “Vestibular Rehab” – to hopefully work on the balance and vertigo issues. Should be interesting!

Perhaps I’ll be a better blogger… perhaps not. But, good intentions should count for something!


About cihearu - Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

Birding, novice photographer, cooking, traveling, gardening, seeker of vintage "stuff"... I love it all! Cochlear Implant recipient since 2010
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