Beautiful Spring Day

We are really enjoying our SC Spring weather! Right now, there is a gorgeous riot of color everywhere you look with so many things in full bloom. I’ve been taking lots of pictures, and I’m even thinking of “springing” for a new faster camera with better zoom than my Sony. The Azaleas are making a grand show, as are the Wisteria (Lilac colored and sweet-smelling), Dogwood, Lady Banks Roses, white trailing Spirea. The Flowering Redbuds are out also. Iris & Daffodils, and so many others are showing off and competing for attention.

 I went for a walk yesterday morning while B. was at the “Y”… the field behind our neighborhood is pretty quiet, and I was hoping to get some good shots of the birds there. Well, I didn’t see many since they seem to stay low in the bushes, but I sure did hear them! And – that was so cool! Something I will never tire of is birdsong. My new ear and the new setting really brings it in. Today is rainy, but we saw Goldfinch at the feeder for the first time in years. Their vivid yellow and black feathers are so striking.

My retirement will be in late April or early May… at long last, I’m ready to pull the plug! I thought I wasn’t ready, but now I am – and pretty excited about it. There are so many things to look forward to, and having fun with my Hubby is #1!


About cihearu - Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

Birding, novice photographer, cooking, traveling, gardening, seeker of vintage "stuff"... I love it all! Cochlear Implant recipient since 2010
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