Oh yeah! I got “Status”

Well, well – – the wheels are turning at last! I have had numerous emailed updates from several people at the Durham VA, including the clinic coordinator, audiologist, ENT staff – etc, etc. Also Dr M from MUSC. So,  AT LAST – I now am scheduled for 12 July for all the pre-op stuff needed for the 21 July surgery. They will do audi and ENT testing, labs, and I don’t know what else.

I also have to have an MRI here at Charleston’s VA prior to that. I don’t look forward to that, but gotta do it. I had an MRI is San Diego a number of years ago, and felt really sick afterwards. They injected something.

I also arranged at work to use the Short Term Disability benefit, and got the MetLife point of contact. Bruce called and got it all lined up, so, we now have a claim number, and forms will be sent to the Durham VA for processing and approval. So, that means I get paid 100% for 2 weeks without having to use vacation or sick days. Whooo-Hooo!

While it at first seemed that this journey would never get off the ground, now it’s really taking off. There are so many people involved in coordinating all the details, it’s amazing. I had no idea! But, what do I know? Never had any surgery before… except having my tonsils out as a 4th grader. Am I getting a bit nervous? Well, maybe… especially about the outcome. I realize that I may have to take a few steps backwards before moving forward in terms of improved hearing.

So – keep the faith! All will be well.


About cihearu - Chronicles of a Bionic Woman

Birding, novice photographer, cooking, traveling, gardening, seeker of vintage "stuff"... I love it all! Cochlear Implant recipient since 2010
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