Status? What status?

I guess I’m sort of in limbo, pending appointments to keep my surgery date of 21 July. Since I’m a VA patient, and the Charleston VA has the benefit of MUSC (Medical University South Carolina) resources, it’s just a matter of waiting… but not to be too passive, I’ll be following up to keep myself on track! What we found out is that Charleston’s VA is not an approved CI facility, so, I’ll be going to Durham VAMC – which is on the campus of Duke! Great news! Duke is awesome, and my surgeon is Dr Deb Tucci – a former audiologist! How cool is that? Her experience is great, much like Dr M, here, and he highly recommends her. I have email correspondence from Dr Meyer  to Dr T, and the audi, and nurse at Durham; all are working together to get the appropriate approvals lined up. Meanwhile, I had to get a CT scan (Which was normal), and a meningitis vaccine. So, the wheels are in motion… just a bit slow.

July 21 is not far off, and in the meantime, I continue to be supported and informed by my HJ buddies. I feel excited, anxious, a bit nervous, and a just little scared all at the same time… But – I’m confident that I’m in good hands.


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Birding, novice photographer, cooking, traveling, gardening, seeker of vintage "stuff"... I love it all! Cochlear Implant recipient since 2010
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